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Meet Our Team

Emma Hockey
Me circle retreat.png
Potions Master and Spell Crafter

Emma created Essential Happiness Potions in 2019 and has attracted a loving tribe of like-minded souls to create magick with.

She is an intuitive and gifted potion maker, who crafts her unique potions, rituals and spells with love and wisdom. Emma is a high-vibing manifestor, creator of music, and loving mumma to two gorgeous boys and one very special, magickal little black dog.

Sonja Sagar
Sonja profile 2.png
Jeweller and Crystal Artisan

Sonja is a passionate creator of beautiful bespoke jewellery, unique crystal creations and sacred ceremonial tools. Her crystal lamps, wands and one-off cast bronze and silver items are rare treasures that speak to your heart and soul.   


She is a loving mumma to one lucky little man and can usually be found making magic in her Scandinavian inspired workshop.

Instagram: @freyjastudio

Sam Harris
Ancient Ritual Tools Artisan

Sam has been crafting ritual tools using ancient techniques for over 20 years. He recalls the wisdom of our prehistoric ancestors through the mindful production of ancient crafts during deep primal meditations in a wilderness setting.

He is an incredible musician and philosophical student and teacher, who shares his spiritual experiences through his artistic creations. 

Instagram: @instinct_memory

Trish Wilson
Advocate and Educator

Trish is the heart and soul behind our Essential Happiness Potions events, markets and workshops. 

She is a loving mumma to two fabulous teens and has an infectious enthusiasm and joy for life that inspires others.

Anna Lee
Anna Circle.jpg
Alchemist and Media Design

Anna brings a unique creative magick to the Essential Happiness Potions team. She is deeply connected with our sacred women's wisdom and is able to express these insights as an incredibly gifted wordsmith and filmmaker.  

Anna is an artist, creator of music, gardening guru and loving mumma to three beautiful babes. 


She is passionate about supporting women in business with impactful, authentic and FemPowered media and content.

webpage: FempoweredProductions

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