Empower Potion

Empower Potion

for greater connection to self and spirit


Be empowered to share your true self with the world.


Empower is a handcrafted blend of precious and sacred oils including Sandalwood, Frankincense, Juniper Berry and Lavender. It is infused with crystal vibrations and charged with healing, loving and spiritual wisdom properties of Rose Quartz and Amethyst.


These magical gifts from nature help connect your soul with its inner light, allowing you to become more open, honest, accepting and self-aware, shielding you from low vibrations and negative influences, giving you peace of mind and courage to overcome fears.


Apply to your pulse points, heart space and third eye during meditation and prayer to help connect to your higher consciousness, opening your intuition and enhancing your psychic abilities.


Empower has balsamic, wood and floral notes to create a delicate, ethereal perfume.